The coziest coffee shops of Kiev in the opinion of KievInsiders

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17 July, 2017

When you come to Kiev for just a couple of days, you shouldn’t waste a single minute! And thus, go to one of the Kiev coffee shops to get a dose of vigor and positivity. But not to the one that is on wheels! Rather to a normal establishment where you’ll be met with a smile and a cup of aromatic drink.

The coffee culture in the city develops day after day. Nice establishments fully impregnated with coffee appear there! Here they brew the high-quality classics, offer a delicious alternative and always support the fresh roast. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

KievInsiders have drawn up a list of our absolute favorite confectioner’s and coffee shops with their inimitable atmosphere. In each of them they brew divine coffee, that’s why we’ll emphasize other peculiarities of these establishments.


One Love coffee

Address: 1-3/2, Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya Street, entrance to the Pinchuk art center, 6th floor (say that you go to the coffee shop in order not to queue)

Special appeal: panoramic view to the downtown, snow-white interior, books in English and magazines dedicated to interior design and art.

We recommend to taste: Raf coffee with coconut biscuits, cold cappuccino, the chemex.

One Love coffee


 Chashka Espresso Bar

Address: 1-3/2, Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya Street

Special appeal: many coffee cups in the interior.

We recommend to taste: eclairs, Snickers cheesecake, Lvovsky curd fritter, lavender latte, sea-buckthorn tea.

Chashka Espresso Bar


London coffee house

Address: 18, Verhny Val

Special appeal: a nice interior with the British symbols. You can take a seat on a windowsill or a huge armchair near the fireplace.

We recommend to taste: “Normandy” dessert, onions and cheese pie, carrot cake, ginger tea.

London coffee house


Come and Stay

Address:  23V, Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya Street

Special appeal: a small, slightly hipster-style and very heartful establishment. Here you feel at home. And you can also be seated on a windowsill.

We recommend to taste: matcha-latte, ice-latte, lavender biscuits, chocolate truffle cake, granola.

Come and Stay


Milk bar

Address: 16, Shota Roustaveli Street

Special appeal: this place is a magnet for trendy youth and artists. Here it’s always noisy but at the same time very cozy.

We recommend to taste: lavender milk, “Three milks” dessert, “The longest chocolate” dessert.

Milk bar


The cake

Address:  5, Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya Street

Special appeal: the chef creates his masterpieces every morning and personally meets everyone.

We recommend to taste: macaroons, raspberry and pistachio cake and currant cake.

The cake cafe

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