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German and English speaking guide in Kiev - Kristina - KievInsiders
Age30 years
LanguagesDeutsch, English
HobbyActing, photo and video production, painting, cooking
Education1. Karpenko-Karij University - Acting art of drama theatre and cinema, bachelor. 2. EVS (European volunteering service) in EJBW (European education center in Weimar) Germany.

About me

Hello, dear friends! My name is Christina. I am a trained actress (I have studied at the best high school of Ukraine – the Karpenko-Kariy University of Theatrical Art and Cinematography). In 2009, I have obtained a master’s diploma.
Then I have worked on the stage for a very long time, now I do more work on television acting in films, series, sketch shows. When at the University, I have professionally studied the history of arts for three years. I was born in Kiev, however, not all the time 
I lived here. I have also lived in Mongolia and Germany. I like Kiev and think that you will also (after a tour with me) fall in love with this city. I know very well our history, ancient and modern culture, contemporary and traditional art, Ukrainian cuisine and secret corners.
My hobbies are traveling, painting, learning different languages. I willingly practice sports like, for example, acrobatics, horseback riding, fencing, and swimming. I go with pleasure to museums, theatres, and opera – a lot of my friends work there. Also, I like very much going for a walk, watching football and know where the best beer in Kiev is.

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German and English speaking guide in Kiev - Kristina - KievInsiders

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