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The coziest coffee shops of Kiev in the opinion of KievInsiders

17 July, 2017

When you come to Kiev for just a couple of days, you shouldn’t waste a single minute! And thus, go to one of the Kiev coffee shops to get a dose of vigor and positivity. But not to the one that is on wheels! Rather to a normal establishment where you’ll be met with a smile and a cup of aromatic drink. KievInsiders have drawn up a list of our absolute favorite confectioner’s and coffee shops with their inimitable atmosphere.

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First time in Kiev – all a tourist needs to know

12 July, 2017

Prepare for a trip to Kiev? Then this article will be of use for you. In it KievInsiders will tell in detail about the capital of Ukraine: how to organize accommodation and meals, what type of transport it’s better to use, where to exchange currency and in what language to address people. We’ll try and explain simple but very important nuances which will make your holidays in Kiev maximally comfortable and unforgettable.

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Cultural events of Kiev – Summer 2017

9 May, 2017

The number of festivals, concerts and various exhibitions announced for summer 2017 is countless. Among them there will for sure be the ones of interest for you. And KievInsiders will help choosing from such a variety.

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Ukrainian cuisine – the world of gastronomic and esthetic pleasure

12 April, 2017

Today KievInsiders will tell you about the Ukrainian world of gastronomic and esthetic pleasure. So, we start introduction to Ukrainian cuisine! Once you arrive in Ukraine, without fail you should taste delicious borsch with hot pampushkas served with garlic and greens, thinly sliced salo with aromatic dark bread and juicy varenyky with, say, cherries. We can assure you that you’ll like it!

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Political situation in Ukraine and safety in Kiev

12 April, 2017

Is it safe now to go to Kiev? – almost every tourist who plans a trip to Ukraine tries to figure it out. Whereas the locals are really perplexed on hearing this question. From our point of view, today there are no reasons for concern at all. Why? KievInsiders are going to tell you.

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