Political situation in Ukraine and safety in Kiev

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12 April, 2017

Is it safe now to go to Kiev? – almost every tourist who plans a trip to Ukraine tries to figure it out. Whereas the locals are really perplexed on hearing this question. From our point of view, today there are no reasons for concern at all. Why? KievInsiders are going to tell you.

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Kiev after Euromaydan

Everyone knows that the sad events of Euromaydan have damaged the city seriously. But thanks to the joint efforts of volunteers and ordinary citizens Kiev flourishes again these days. Only symbolic shades of patriotism, like, for example, a fence pained in the national banner colors, may remind of the turbulent revolutionary occurrences.

In other respects all is quiet, calm and positive enough. No barricades, men in camouflage or other scary images that periodically appear in the mass media. It’s possible and even advisable to travel around Kiev! Today, on the eve of Eurovision 2017, the city is open to tourists as never before.



Current situation in Ukraine

Those days when Ukraine was only associated with Shevchenko, Chernobyl and the Klichko brothers are long gone. Nowadays our country is known in practically any corner of the world. Stunning nature, architectural landmarks and delicious food. But there is one less agreeable thing and this is the conflict in the east of country.

That’s why many tourists are afraid to go to Kiev or think about potential cancellation of the booked tours. KievInsiders will try and explain what the situation is in reality.

Yes, a tense situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine does exist. But let’s be reasonable: Kiev is 600-700 kilometers away from the ‘unquiet’ regions. In it the situation is absolutely stable. Life takes its normal course: shops, hotels, the subway work; the people hurry up to work, meet in parks, chat in coffee houses and in the evening go to their favorite restaurant or just for a walk around the city.
The atmosphere is pleasant and so friendly that you feel like diving in it head first!


Tourists easily visit planned events, travel to interesting places and enjoy their excursions. Kreschatik has completely changed its image to the touristic one and in Kiev it’s safe and very cool! About it – a few words in our article.


What can Kiev offer to present-day tourists?

Firstly, the authentic uniqueness! The post-war ‘stalinkas’ stand side-by-side with the Gothic cathedrals and across the road there are modern multistoried buildings. The ancient Europe alternates amazingly with signs of the restrained Soviet epoch transforming into something incredible.

Gothic cathedral

Secondly, reasonable prices which are many times lower than in other European capitals. Here you’ll for sure have delicious meals and comfortable accommodation in a good hotel. A substantial dinner will cost approximately EUR 20-25 and a room in a luxury hotel – around EUR 200.

Thirdly, it’s definitely lots of bright emotions and impressions. And in order to not worry about safety please read the instruction below.


Safety rules which a foreign tourist should follow in Kiev

  1. Not to go unaccompanied to unfrequented places at night.
  2. Not to leave unattended personal belongings, such as the wallet or the telephone.
  3. Not to flash large sums of money around in presence of unfamiliar people.

As you can see, all is very simple. And most probably, you follow the same rules going for a walk in your home town. So, why then in Kiev should anything be different? Once again, despite the situation in the east of Ukraine, there aren’t any combat operations in the capital!!

Here the fantastic Kiev panoramas, the very broad Dnieper, the colorful Podol and Vozdvizhenka, the iconic Andreyevsky Descent which is considered to be the best promenade of the capital and, of course, the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra with the most powerful energy still stand in splendor.

Kievo-Pecherska Lavra

Abstract from exaggerations of the press, and you will see the cheerful, liberated city – an ordinary tourist center of Europe which hospitably opens wide the doors to guests!

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