Chernobyl Ukraine – this place is known all over the world. The major technological disaster which has left behind the terrifying consequences. Time stopped here on April 26, 1986. The KievInsiders agency is ready to unveil the secrecy and show you the story of the Kiev Chernobyl from within.

So, you want to visit Pripyat?

The ghost town – deserted and decayed. Pripyat today is hidden from prying eyes but remembers the awful events which have taken place more than a quarter of the century ago. To make the Pripyat tour truly extreme but still safe your private guide will accompany you. They will take care of the comfortable stay in the place of the world tragedy.

For one day of a full-format excursion to the Chernobyl zone you’ll get the dose of radiation exposure which approximately equals that of 1 hour flight on the plane, which is 160 times smaller than a dose you get during a fluorography and 3600 times lower than the one you get during a computer tomography of the whole body!

Duration 10 hours
Price 78 eur/person
For a group of 2-3 people: 140 - 204 eur per group Price for the groups of 4 and more people will be negotiated
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