Village tour

Village tour

Live a day like a real Ukrainian!
In a megalopolis, it is impossible to feel the Ukrainian spirit. Therefore, we will go to the country, to the place where our traditions are kept. A meeting with the guest is possible at the hotel, and then we will go to one of the railway stations of the city of Kiev to travel by a mode of transport typical for most Ukrainians. We will go in the direction of the town of Fastov, the travel time will be about 40 minutes. On the way, you will learn how to play the “Fool” card game and see each rail car turning into a small market where you can buy whatever your heart desires.
Upon arrival, we are to walk along a picturesque Ukrainian village where you will see the everyday life of Ukrainian villagers. The Ukrainian realities are so that not everywhere there is a highway, but it’s even more interesting this way The village is located far away from the highway, therefore, the air is unpolluted.
Tour program. We will go fishing in the river with locals, learn what one needs to have for fishing and how to get it; if you wish, we will cook our catch. Also, we will learn to milk a cow and drink new milk; we will draw water from a well and drop in a rural shop. The village is surrounded with the wood, so in season, a mushroom or berry trip is planned.
For dinner, we will eat the tastiest, world-famous Ukrainian borsch with lard and pampushkas. And then we will listen to the Ukrainian national songs to the accompaniment of a guitar, drink home-made wine and taste samogon.
We offer you to become a real Ukrainian for one day!
We want to show you what Ukrainian hospitality is like.
At will, changes or additions can be made to the tour program.

Duration 8 hours
Price 140 eur/person
For a group of 2-3 people: 150 - 160 eur per group Price for the groups of 4 and more people will be negotiated
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You will live a day like a real Ukrainian!


You will learn to play the "Fool" card game, go fishing, milk a cow, and have a mushroom trip to the wood.


A feast with Ukrainian songs and the tastiest domestic cuisine will be waiting for you.


Fare and dinner are included in the tour price.

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Village tour

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