Pagan Kiev tour

Pagan Kiev tour

Before accepting Christianity, Kiev was the main pagan city of Ancient Rus.

You will find out where the Magi were gathered – the ancient Ukrainian wizards.

You will see idols in the center of Kiev and find out what they mean.

You will touch ancient temples and feel the power of Slavic gods.

You will learn the philosophy of Slavic paganism and get acquainted with its symbolism.

You will learn what pagan rituals are being performed in Ukraine so far and why some of them have become Christian.

Duration 3 hours
Price 55 eur/person
For a group of 2-3 people: 65 eur per group Price for the groups of 4 and more people will be negotiated
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Fascinating excursion into the history and philosophy of Slavic paganism


Pagan idols, which still stand in Kiev


Ancient temples


The places where pagans gather for 1500 years

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Pagan Kiev tour

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