The missile base tour

The missile base tour

Eliminate the world in few seconds? Nothing’s easier! A turn of the key, a button pressed, and ten ballistic missiles skyrocket spewing flames. That is precisely how the world’s apocalypses could be sparked out in the Cold War times.

Thou 46 Missile Division has disbanded long ago, and rockets cut, and their silos disabled, there remains unique chance to travel back in time. The Missile Base Tour is an excursion to the Museum of Strategic Missile Troops that was deployed in the vicinity of town Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv Region. We invite you to venture inside the underground command centre of a former top-secret object. Walk through the underground gallery, go 35 meters deep then to push the very “red button” and pass through the routine to launch 10 nuclear missiles.

You will also discover missile silo, able to withstand a nuclear explosion. You will see notorious RS-36M2 (aka SS-18), nicknamed by NATO nations as “Satan”. Only two of them would render obsolete a territory equaling to Ukraine.

It is down there in the command centre, with your finger on the red button that you get to know how little it takes to send the familiar world into oblivion!

Duration 11 hours
Price 119 eur/person
For a group of 2-3 people: 238 - 357 eur per group Price for the groups of 9 and more people will be negotiated
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• Museum of Strategic Missile Troops • Unitized command center KP 15V155


• Silo • Missile R-12 (8К63)


• Missile R-36М2 (15А18М) «Voevoda» (NATO classification – SS-18 «Satan») • Military vehicles for Strategic Missile Troops

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Minimum 2 people on tour

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The missile base tour

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