The Heavy Bomber Airbase Tour

The Heavy Bomber Airbase Tour

Back in the Cold War era, Soviet heavy bombers would hover up in skies ready to hit any target with cruise missiles. Though it may seem that the grand standoff ended, but TU-95 (aka The Bear) and TU-160 (aka Black Jack) are still up there in the sky, ready to undermine world peace. The Heavy Bomber Airbase Tour is a unique occasion to get a more comprehensive look at the Cold War era by visiting a museum on Poltava – the former base of the 185th Guardia Bombing Aviation Regiment of the USSR army – the Red Army.

Nowhere on Earth will you find Soviet strategic missile carriers exposed for public observation. The Base itself is also famous due to the fact USAF used it for raiding Nazi Germany back in Second World War times. On our tour not only you will get to see the glorious TU-95 and TU-160, but literary visit their pilot cockpits.

Also to be found in the exposition are the first Soviet jet bomber TU-16, the first Soviet supersonic jet bomber TU-22K as well as TU-22M3, which still is a menacing weapon of war.

No place on Earths enables you to comprehend actual fragility of the world’s peace better than the pilot’s seat of a strategic bomber!

Duration 11 hours
Price 149 eur/person
For a group of 2-3 people: 298 - 447 eur per group Price for the groups of 9 and more people will be negotiated
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Tu-16K “Badger”, Tu-22KP “Blinder”, Tu-22M3 “Backfire-C”, Tu-95 “Bear” (including cockpit), Tu-160 “Black Jack” (including cockpit)

Fighter & Transport aircrafts

Fighter: Su-15 “Flagon-G”. Transport aircrafts: An-2 (including cockpit), Tu-134UBL “Crusty-B” (including cockpit)

Helicopters & Heavy Bomber Aviation Museum

Helicopters: Mi-2 “Hoplite” (including cockpit), Mi-8 “Hip”

One-day tour

Minimum 2 people on tour

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The Heavy Bomber Airbase Tour

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